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What is Yohimbine Powder?

Yohimbine is an alkaloid found in Yohimbe, a tall evergreen bark native to Africa. Yohimbine has some exciting possibilities, such as promoting and enhancing erectile function [1][2]. However, many users primarily take Yohimbine as a fat loss aid [3].

Benefits of using Yohimbine Powder

Yohimbine directly aids weight loss. There are two types of adrenergic receptors, alpha and beta, and depending on which are activated, lipolysis (breakdown of fat) can be either stimulated or inhibited. Activation of the alpha 2 receptors inhibits the release of norepinephrine. This is not good if you are trying to reduce weight. Because alpha 2 receptors activate at lower catecholamine levels than the beta receptors, thermogenesis is basically always turned off. Even during exercise, alpha 2 receptors are still acting to inhibit lipolysis. This is where Yohimbine comes into play. Yohimbine is a selective alpha 2 antagonist and can short circuit this feedback loop, maximizing norepinephrine levels, and leading to maximized fat loss [3].

Yohimbine Powder dosing

Ideally, Yohimbine powder should be used as part of a low-carb diet since insulin blunts its lipolytic effects. If a low-carb diet is not possible, users of Yohimbine should consume this supplement on an empty stomach, followed by aerobic activity. A good starting yohimbine dosage is 2.5mg per day to assess tolerance. Once you’ve determined how you respond to this supplement, you can increase your dosage to 2.5mg up to three times per day.


When it comes to losing fat everybody says the same thing: use more calories than you take in. That is true enough, but what if a simple, natural compound in addition to diet and exercise could burn through calories while you’re at your desk job? What if that same compound could help you push it to the limit in the gym and feel less tired when you’re done?

A supplement found in citrus plants could be the answer for your weight-loss and energy goals.

What is Synephrine Hydrochloride?

Synephrine Hydrochloride is an extract most commonly taken from the immature Bitter Orange (Citrus aurantium) plant but is found in many other citrus plants including Seville oranges, mandarin oranges, clementines, Marrs sweet oranges, Nova tangerines, and grapefruits.[1]

It is a popular weight-loss supplement and is often found in formulas that involve many other compounds, but often these products include powerful stimulants and herbs which have either too much effect or none at all.[1]

A better approach is to save your money and buy the stuff that works.

Synephrine HCL Side Effects and Uses

Synephrine is a popular alternative to stimulants, which can leave people feeling irritable, jittery, or wired.

One of the great qualities of Synephrine is its ability to increase both energy and metabolic rate without increasing heart rate or blood pressure.[1][2] This curious effect has led to its rise in popularity as a weight-loss and energy pumping supplement.

Synephrine works on the adrenergic receptors in the brain. By targeting adrenergic receptors related to things like reduced appetite, high metabolism, cholesterol metabolism, and fat burning, Synephrine is able to produce stimulant-like effects without the increased blood pressure and vasoconstriction.[1]

As a weight-loss supplement, Synephrine is in a league of its own. It has been repeatedly studied for its fat burning effects, and it has shown to increase lipolysis (breaking down fat for use as energy).[2]

While increasing your metabolic rate, Synephrine might also lower your insulin resistance as well.[2]

Many people take Synephrine before hitting the gym. Synephrine has shown to aid athletic activity, and with its energy benefits some people feel more eager to put in a hard day’s work.[2]


Synephrine is most often taken around 20 mg once a day. Some people also take caffeine to promote the fat eliminating properties of Synephrine.[2] Synephrine might be taken before your workout to help you increase your gym performance, or in the morning to wake you up and send you on your way.

Raspberry ketones

Diet and exercise are the two juggernauts of the fitness world. It is imperative to eat right and exercise consistently if you wish to lose weight and burn fat. While these two tried-and-true methods should be the cornerstone of any healthy life that does not mean that supplements can’t help you achieve the same goal.

In recent years, Raspberry Ketones, also known as Frambinone, have become more popular and available as a dietary supplement because of its purported use as a weight-loss aid. You now have the opportunity to acquire inexpensive Raspberry Ketones from a leader in the supplement industry.

What are they?

Raspberry Ketones are an aromatic compound found naturally occurring in the leaves of raspberries and in some other fruit. It can also be synthetically created, and is sometimes used as a flavoring agent. [2]

Although it is naturally found in some fruits, it does not appear in large quantities. This limitation has kept Raspberry Ketones from being a popular or affordable consumer product until now.

Now that the word is out, Raspberry Ketones supplements are spiking in popularity for use as a fat burning product in the rapidly growing market for weight-loss supplements. [3]

Weight Loss Benefits

Since its recent meteoric rise in popularity, Raspberry Ketones supplement has been used in the same way as synephrine and Yohimbine in their utility for increasing metabolism. [4]

Its chemical similarity to capsascin and synephrine has made Raspberry Ketones a popular ingredient in thermogenic weight loss supplement [1]. With proper supplementation and dosage, you can maximize the results of a healthy diet and exercise.


A typical starting point for Raspberry Ketones dosage is around 200 mg twice a day. People looking to boost metabolism and increase fat loss often stack Raspberry Ketones with other supplements, such as caffeine or green tea extract for a synergistic effect.

We recommend Raspberry Ketones supplementation as part of a well-rounded diet, and exercise.


Fat loss is a shared goal among many people. The wish to melt off fat while having oceans of energy is an appealing concept. Of course exercise and diet are important, but sometimes people need a little extra.

Are there really supplements that can boost energy while reducing weight? Octopamine HCL, also known as Norsynephrine, is one such product known for its reported ability to help support healthy weight.

What is Octopamine HCL?

Octopamine HCL (β,4-dihydroxyphenethylamine) is a biogenic amine that is found in vertebrates and invertebrates.[1] Octopamine is produced via the amino acid tyramine through the enzyme tyramine beta-hydroxylase.[2]

Octopamine has been found to be in high levels in the hypothalamus of vertebrates, and it is chemically similar to the catecholamine noradrenaline, more commonly known as norepinephrine.[1]

How does Octopamine HCL work?

Some scientists believe that Octopamine probably functions within the norepinephrine systems in the brain, being able to interact with norepinephrine receptors.[1]

Octopamine might also increase norepinephrine levels. Results from some studies have pointed out that Octopamine actually releases norepinephrine, and this effect of Octopamine might be even more significant than its ability to replicate norepinephrine in the brain.[1]

What is Octopamine HCL used for?

Many use Octopamine for fat-loss and to maintain a healthy weight. This is based mostly on the fact that it releases norepinephrine and works much like it in the body.[1] Octopamine can be combined with other supplements to compliment exercise and a healthy diet in order to lose weight.

Increased levels of norepinephrine have been shown to increase satiety and reduce fat.[3] It plays a major role in many weight loss and weight management systems.[3]

Octopamine has also been indicated in the wake/sleep cycle.[2] Again, norepinephrine systems are linked to the powerful energy potential of the central nervous system.[2] Octopamine, like norepinephrine, connects to adrenergic receptors, increasing wakefulness.[2][3]

Octopamine is thought to produce very energizing effects, which may increase the metabolism, and in turn, burn fat.

Octopamine HCL Dosage

Octopamine may increase blood pressure, so it should be taken in low doses first so that you can gauge its effect. A standard dose would be 200 to 300 mg a couple of times a day.

Some like to use Octopamine as a pre-workout supplement to keep them going and get a great workout